Monday, April 09, 2007

Remembering Vimy And The Cross

This month Canada is remembering the Battle of Vimy Ridge in France 90 years ago where 3,598 Canadian soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Along with that death toll were 7004 wounded returnees.

That victory during The Great War gave rise to the birth of our nation. The Cross of Christ gave birth to the Christian nation called the Church. As death and combat shaped our nation so the death and battle of the Cross shapes the Christian's life.

The frontlines between the German and Canadian soldiers were in places talking distance apart. The Cross connected heaven and earth, locked in mortal eternal conflict; Jesus dies and rises the Mighty Conqueror.

The Vimy Monument symbolizes the War to end all Wars. The Cross symbolizes the defeat of Satan and his agents of sin, death and hell.

About four thousand Canadian students bore the names and stories of soldiers at Vimy. Christians bear the name and story that's all about Jesus before the world.

The Twin Towers of the monument represent Canada and France. The twin timbers of the Cross represent Divinity and humanity.

After decades of discoloration the Monument has been restored to its former beauty, shining like a gem in the sunlight. The message of the Cross needs no facelift. It will forever shine as a beacon of hope in the darkness of depravity.

Though a testament to Canadian courage the Monument also stands as a testament to human failure in resolving conflicts. The Cross too was erected because of human sin and the need to reconcile mankind to God.

The cost for the Monument's restoration ran into the millions. The cost to the Cross runs red with blood, sweat, and tears.

Though located in France the Monument grounds were perpetually donated to Canada in remembrance. The ground surrounding the Cross has forever been given by God to His Community and the nations of the world for rebirth and victory.

Let us remember!


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