Sunday, May 06, 2007

"God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord". (1 Cor. 1:9) As I survey the past years I am humbled and thankful for God's faithfulness in my life. Undeserving am I. Who but God would come my way. Who but God would come to stay. Who but God could see and understand the real me, and provide things I really need, like family, friends, opportunity, faith. I know now it is but His grace, His amazing grace shown to me.

Who but God could take the time of day for me. I live life through a wheelchair. I
stammer. My body is twisted. I have nothing to give. Nothing that would benefit Him on a large scale. I have dreams, unspokened. I have hopes, unfulfilled. I struggle with nagging fears. I weep, tears of disappointment and frustration. This is common to everyone I know. But it is my pain, and that is the difference. My life is ongoing. Others may change their circumstances. I cannot. Here I sit. But God makes the difference ....

Maybe that is the secret I hold. If I take what little I do have - my hurts, my abilities, my gifts - maybe I can just, without being noticed, just kinda sneak over to Jesus with my box of leftovers and with gratitude pour it - I know I'll spill most - over Him, maybe, just maybe, He will see and welcome my efforts. Maybe He will bless and multiple, creating something new from many old. But if not, I have Him. Him alone. His smile. His scars. His touch. His lap to cry upon. His friendship. His hope. His upward call. His faithfulness.

Thank you Jesus. You are mine. I am Yours.

Signed Forever: Albert


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