Thursday, June 14, 2007

The fire alarmed sounded at my apartment complex. The housing authority usually does a monthly Tuesday system check so, personally, I considered it such until it didn't stop ringing. The fact is, nobody down my wing, including myself, believed it, and that is dangerous and could have been fatal.

No one systematically did the drill check, we just sat/walked around wondering if it was real and what we should do. We even took the word of a tenant that everyone was out of their rooms or at work without checking.

I don't even know who the fire monitors are. We have the emergency info but at this moment that was useless; I forgot about it or what it contains. But clearly we're not prepared for the 'real' thing! Staff were in our wing at the time and they were in the same boat as the rest of us, unbelieving and unsure of procedure.

I just couldn't believe our ignorance and stupidity.

But on a broader scale it reminded me of what I believe as a Christian, about a judgement to come, a place of separation. And we sit around, talking/discussing/wondering if the fire is real and the siren is trustworthy. When it comes to spiritual matters we're just as ignorant and stupid.

What do you say, is there life after death? Is there a hell or a heaven? On what do you base your beliefs on? How trustworthy is it?

Something to think about ....


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